Thank you to those that Donated towards the Hua Hin Business Network Winter Charity Project.

On the 2 & 3 Dec all the new and second hand warm clothes and blankets that were donated to this project were delivered to 30 schools in Mae Hong Song District through the Toys For Thailand Charity. The schools in turn give the items to families that have been identified by them as financially struggling and not able to purchase warm clothing or bedding. The blankets & clothes couldn’t arrived at a better time as the weather is very cold and humid especially in the small villages in High altitudes.

Pisa Cheng and Brigitte Persson represented Hua Hin Business Network to deliver 300 blankets personally to two schools around Mae Hong Son surroundings. The children were very excited by the visit and the practical goodies they received. In one village about 30 poor farmers also received socks, second clothes and a blanket each.

We are very grateful all the support we received to make this project possible. Thank you to the following companies & individuals without you this project could not have been realized!